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I wanted to share this painting even though it isn’t quite finished, I am going to list it on etsy after the art show I was invited to be showcased in. I have much to share here on the exciting events that have been happening both in the blogging world and the art world I am becoming part of. Much I would like to share and some thoughts as to how to better become part of the art community and get exposure for your works and creations.

This piece was inspired by a beautiful picture I found while looking for a nice spot to take a hike. I love nature and especially waterfalls, I am adding more details and will share the finished painting. I wanted to share a post and what I have been up to.

Thank you for visiting I hope you enjoyed the painting and will come and visit again. Thank you for sharing your time and perhaps a smile with me! 🙂 Joe

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6 thoughts on “Waterfall

  1. A lovely painting, Joe. I love that you were able to capture the feel of the downward motion of the water ~ You can almost hear the rush. Well done, Dear Friend.

    • Thank you Beautiful Lady… I was dreaming of an oak tree! I am grateful you like the painting and chose to share the sentiment. You inspired me to try something new, the hardest post I ever posted. Quite a challenge to post with out words for me.. I am happy you are back!:)

  2. Your picture is really beautiful, even you say it isn’t quite finished. Waterfalls are beautiful natures power. I haven’t seen so many live yet, we don’t have so many in Europe.
    Thanks for sharing 😀

  3. Doris on said:

    very nice!

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