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Lake Minnewanka, Canada

Lake Minnewanka, Canada

Lake Minnewanka, Canada

This painting I painted for a good friend as a gift, It was a fun painting to create and work on and it almost felt like I was there looking at the photo that inspired it.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and perhaps smiled, I also hope you will visit again thank you for stopping by and sharing some of your time I appreciate you doing so.. Thanks πŸ™‚ Joe

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8 thoughts on “Lake Minnewanka, Canada

  1. Very nice painting.

  2. What a wonderful present for a friend!!

  3. Skye the answer you give is not terrible nor frustrating, I asked as you have such a beautiful way about you and as I read your pages I am quite taken with the beauty that you share. I am inspired by beautiful things, people, thoughts etc. I feel a painting waiting to be created and as you are part of that inspiration I asked about the color half expecting an answer similar to the one you gave, I felt soft and bright almost pastelish in pinks yellows and blues an abstract sky… My favorite is all of them although green and grey are the most common in my wardrobe lol! πŸ™‚

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