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“Grandmas Boot”

Grandma's Boot

Grandma’s Boot

This painting was inspired by a ceramic boot on a base that my mother used as a vase. I was looking at it one day and was inspired to paint this beautiful painting. My Grandmother died while I was working on it and the pink flowers were inspired by my memory of her and spring. I truly enjoyed the feeling while Painting this and the end result is one that speaks for its self. I feel it is a very unique and original piece that will bring beauty to any environment that it is chosen to grace.


I hope you enjoyed the painting and your visit, I hope you choose to visit again soon. Thank you for stopping by I hope you smiled!

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6 thoughts on ““Grandmas Boot”

  1. There’s that sentimental heart of gold again. Love the piece and post! Thank you!!

  2. The name of this painting caught my eye since I am a grandma so I had to come look to see what you painted. First of all my condolences on the loss of your grandma. I think you did a beautiful job on this and I love that you honor your grandmother with it as well. The old fashioned ceramic boot is beautiful in and of itself but adding the flowers for your grandmother just makes it that much more special,

    • Thank you for such a wonderful comment and compliment. I am always grateful and appreciate when the art created is enjoyed and even more so when it inspires one to share such wonderful words. Thank you for the condolences it is appreciated as well although it was a gift for her to be at peace and rest. I am sure you are an awesome Grandmother and your grandchildren are very fortunate to have you. I am fortunate to have you share your thoughts once again thank you for doing so in such a kind way! 🙂 Joe

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