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Sunrise, the first painting I sold

Sunrise, Carolina Beach, N.C.

Sunrise, Carolina Beach, N.C.

The first painting I sold was inspired from a night spent camping on the beach and the amazing sunrise that followed. The clouds formed what I called a “Ninja Sun” as they passed through the early morning sky. My friend Christie took a few pictures and e mailed me some of them a few days later. One of the pictures had captured the clouds passing the sun I had so enjoyed seeing inspiring the painting. Well partially anyway a morning or evening on any beach is inspiration for many in many ways and the paint brush of the heavens paints and inspires all that exists in a way.

I had a hard time in a way trying to come up with a fair price for the painting, first I limited myself as I am my own worst enemy sometimes. The lady that wanted the painting wasn’t waiting for a frame and wanted a discount for not being framed even though I had yet to ask a price. She was a friend and I wanted her to get what she was paying for as well as get what I should get for my creation.

I took the painting and the lady that was buying it to the local Artists Guild to inquire where one gets a piece appraised and how does on set a value on a painting. There were several artists setting up a new exhibit in the gallery that turned to look at me and the painting. One said between 900 and 1500 as it sits with no frame. a second chimed in closer to 1500 at least 1200 as a third asked how much time I spent painting it and how much paint did I use.. He expressed that as a reference for insurance purposes and a justifiable way to establish the minimum value was time or what I made at my regular job an hour plus the canvas and materials. Funny how it seems to work out in a way as the next few comments were take what you think and double it… There are commissions and expenses he isn’t including. I like to think about that conversation when I try to come up with a price for a painting. The intellectual property and value isn’t accounted for in an hourly rate or material scenario.

I sold the painting for the 900 dollars under the condition it was framed in a frame that would be appropriate for such a beautiful and artistically expressed sentiment and thought. How about your first painting you sold or the way you value your paintings?


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