Art inspired and created from the heart

Art created and inspired by the heart

Hi welcome to Artisticlyxpressedthoughts a place where I hope to share art in its many forms primarily visual and the story behind those works or creations. I am inspired to share the story as well as the journey of an artist getting his artistic expression out of the closet and into the world.

We all see things in our own unique way, as an artist I feel that it is not only creating a work of art that brings satisfaction. It is is sharing a creative work and having another inspired or moved by that creative work.

As I created and painted friends would ask about my paintings and what it would cost to acquire one. I had no idea what a painting I painted would be worth, thus began my first experiences with the art world. I went to Galleries rather than Museums I went to art stores and custom frame shops rather than the chain stores. Their I asked the questions and started to explore the path to becoming a successful and profitable artist.

The largest obstacle is for me getting my art out there… Many galleries don’t take new artists at least the ones I have looked into. There are co op galleries that are a good option yet they require participation and ask a long term contract that may not be in line with your goals. They also sell at a lower rate and charge less commission than the finer galleries. As I spoke with a fine art gallery owner about his sub mission requirements and he expressed that he was not taking in new artists he said the most profound thing I had heard in my journey thus far.

” It is not about having a million people like a painting, It is about getting your painting in front of the person who likes your painting and is willing to pay for it”

I wanted to start sharing my art along with the story behind the piece as well as the journey into the art world. I also hope to share the work of other artists as well as some of their stories of events and adventures they have had along the way to becoming the artist they are. Artistic expression comes from the heart, educated and trained artists or those that just pick up a brush, a piece of clay or  a pen have done so for the love of creating and expressing what is in their hearts. Art in any form is appreciated by someone and it is meant as well as created to be shared, and enjoyed.

If you are an artist and would like to share some of your work and a little bit of your story please feel free to contact me it would be both a pleasure and honor to share your creations and thoughts or inspirations as well as your experiences getting your art out there for people to see it and acquire it so that it may be enjoyed.

If you see something you like or have a thought to share or express I hope you will take the time to do so. My paintings would be for the most part for sale if you are interested. The works of guest artists or friends would be owned by them and if they are available for sale or you wished to know more or see more of the artists work I will provide a link and or email to reach out to them.

Thank you for visiting I hope you enjoy your visit.

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2 thoughts on “Art created and inspired by the heart

  1. Wonderful idea. I may dust off some of my old pieces 🙂

    • Thank you and I hope you will, I am sure like you they are quite beautiful both in composition and expression. I would like very much to have you share a story and some art with us here! 🙂 you are quite a gifted artist on many levels and I appreciate your support and smiles!

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